Make the most of RIPE 78!

At our last meeting, we were able to provide RIPE 77 attendees with local insight on our beautiful Amsterdam. Perhaps this was done around the click-clacking-froth-forming barista we had on site, but this time, we’re taking a much more planned approach.

We’ve teamed up with Reykjavik Excursions (a third-party travel agency) who have selected tours for you to book! Whether you’re planning on arriving a few days earlier, or staying a few days after, we hope this page offers you some helpful recommendations.

For more information on these tours and booking procedure, please visit the website.

We want the RIPE 78 attendees to make the most of their time in Iceland!

For enquiries, please contact Reykjavik Excursions by telephone (+354 580 5400) or email.

Enjoy RIPE 78! Enjoy Iceland!