We aim to foster a diverse and inclusive RIPE Meeting where all attendees feel welcome to participate fully. We support or organise several initiatives that aim to make it easier for people from underrepresented groups to take part in a RIPE Meeting. Here is a summary of our diversity and inclusion efforts:

RIPE Diversity Task Force

This group of volunteers formed in May 2017 at RIPE 74 in Budapest. The TF meets on a regular basis to work on a list of actions aimed at increasing diversity at RIPE Meetings, including gathering gender metrics, on-site childcare, reaching out to local communities, and improving the RIPE Meeting Code of Conduct.

More information: RIPE Diversity Task Force

Women in Tech Session

This open, inclusive ‘working lunch’ has been a popular event since it was added to the RIPE Meeting agenda at RIPE 75 in Dubai. The lunch celebrates the work of women in the RIPE community and provides a safe space to share best practices and discuss ways to make it easier for women to fully engage at RIPE Meetings and the tech sector at large.

At RIPE 78, we are looking to increase the capacity of the lunch – so watch this space!

On-Site Childcare

This initiative aims to make it easier for parents in the RIPE community to participate fully in a meeting. We partner with professional childcare organisations to provide a safe, fun and diverse play space at the RIPE Meeting venue with a programme that changes daily. Childcare is available for children ages 6mo-10yo.

More information: On-Site Childcare

RIPE Meeting Mentoring

Mentoring is a really easy way for experienced RIPE Meeting attendees to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers. During the registration process, attendees can indicate whether they would like to volunteer to be a mentor or to be a mentee. We match mentors with mentees based on what their interests and areas of expertise are. The time commitment is fairly light; an email from the mentor to the mentee before the meeting to understand goals/expectations and a couple coffees or short meetings throughout the week to check-in.

More information: RIPE Meeting Mentoring

RIPE Fellowship

The RIPE Fellowship aims to remove the financial barrier to attend a RIPE Meeting by funding a full-week meeting ticket, travel and accommodation for selected candidates from the RIPE NCC service region.

More information: RIPE Fellowship

RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative (RACI)

RACI connects members of the academic community with the RIPE community by inviting students and researchers to present their Internet-related research at RIPE Meetings, ENOG, MENOG and SEE meetings. We fund a full-week meeting ticket, travel and accommodation for selected candidates from the RIPE NCC service region.

More information: RACI 

Diversity Tickets (new!)

Do you want to help the next generation of RIPE community members fully participate in a RIPE Meeting? You or your organisation can become a Diversity Ticket sponsor and fund up to three meeting tickets to help attendees from underrepresented parts of the tech community come to a RIPE Meeting. The selection is handled by Diversity Tickets. Tickets will become available on diversitytickets.org as sponsorship comes in. This is a great way to contribute to a diverse and inclusive RIPE community!