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Presenter NameSessionPresentation Title
Roland van Rijswijk-DeijPlenaryOpenINTEL: Long-Term Active Measurements for DNS Research2019-05-14
Raymond JettenIPv6A. Welcome, Agenda Bashing2019-05-07
Roland van Rijswijk-DeijDNSTag You're It: Revisiting the Reality of DNSSEC Keytags2019-05-14
Ali Safari KhatouniOpening PlenaryImplications of Roaming in Europe2019-05-14
Andrei RobachevskyRoutingRouting transparency2019-05-22
Carolina AreCooperationIndicators of Flaming2019-05-15
Matthias WichtlhuberPlenaryNext Gen Blackholing to Counter DDoS2019-05-15
Denis WalkerDatabaseUpdate on Personal Data in the RIPE Database2019-05-15
Theodor GislasonPlenaryHacking Apple to Hack Dropbox2019-05-22
Chris BuckridgeCooperationUpdate on Work in the ITU2019-05-21
David HubermanPlenaryRevisiting the Root2019-05-15
Max RottenkolberOpen SourceC. High-Performance Traffic Encryption on x86_642019-05-16
Brenden Kuerbis & Milton MuellerPlenaryGet Ready for Mixed World: Economic Factors Affecting IPv6 Deployment2019-05-17
Ignacio CastroConnect2. The Elusive Internet Flattening : 10 Years of IXP Growth2019-05-16
Brenden KuerbisPlenaryGet Ready for Mixed World: Economic Factors Affecting IPv6 Deployment2019-05-17
Patrick PenninckxCooperationCouncil of Europe Framework of Cooperation with Business Partners2019-05-17
Melanie BuckPlenaryHow to Inspire Customers with Women in Tech2019-05-17
Ólafur GuðmundssonOpening PlenaryWhat Do We Know About an IP Address?2019-05-18
Charles EckelTutorialModel Driven Network Programming Made Easy by Open Source2019-05-19
Mattijs JonkerPlenaryA First Joint Look at DoS Attacks and BGP Blackholing in the Wild2019-05-19
Mikhail KorshunovPlenaryStreaming Telemetry: Challenges and Considerations2019-05-19
Richard NelsonPlenaryOpenLI: Adventures in Open Source Lawful Intercept2019-05-20
Enno ReyTutorialIPv6 Security for Enterprise Organizations2019-05-20
Andrew SullivanOpening PlenaryAndrew Sullivan, President and CEO of ISOC2019-05-20
Kemal SanjtaPlenaryDo We Need to Rethink Network Monitoring?2019-05-20
Hans Petter HolenNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 1012019-05-20
Axel PawlikNewcomers' IntroductionRIPE Meeting 101 - The RIPE NCC2019-05-20
Collin Kurre & Michele NeylonCooperationA Human Rights Assessment for Registrar and Hosting Services2019-05-21
orn orrasonOpening PlenaryÖrn Orrason, VP of Sales and business development/CMO, Farice, RIPE 78 Co-Host2019-05-20
Marco HogewoningIPv6B. Update on ITU-T SG20 IPv6 Work Items2019-05-20
Benno OvereinderOpening PlenaryBenno Overeinder, RIPE Programme Committee Chair2019-05-20
Hans Petter HolenOpening PlenaryHans Petter Holen, RIPE Chair2019-05-20
Geoff HustonPlenaryThat KSK Roll2019-05-20
Geoff HustonRouting1. Routing and Addressing in 20182019-05-20
Chris AminPlenaryMeasuring DNS Without Breaking Anything2019-05-20
Geoff HustonIPv6C. IPv6 Reliability Measurements2019-05-20
Enno ReyPlenaryIs 2019 finally the year of Linux on the Desktop? And what about v6-only in WiFi networks?2019-05-20
Alex BandPlenaryShould I Run my Own RPKI Certificate Authority?2019-05-20
Kevin MeynellBCOP Task ForceC. MANRS for IXP BCOP [20 min]2019-05-20
Koen van HovePlenaryDDos Clearing House: Solving DDoS Attacks in the Netherlands, Europe, and Beyond by Facilitating Bridging Solutions and Stakeholders2019-05-20
Jon Ingi EinarssonOpening PlenaryJón Ingi Einarsson, General Manager,, RIPE 78 Co-Host2019-05-20
Massimiliano StucchiBCOP Task ForceB. IPv6 deployment at Mobile operators BCOP document - update [20 min]2019-05-20
Benno Overeinder and Jan ZorzBCOP Task ForceA. Opening, Administrative, Global Activities [5 min]2019-05-20
Timmy SchüllerRACI SessionReal-world Pitfalls of Segment Routing Traffic Engineering2019-05-20
Marco HogewoningDNSUpdated ENUM instructions2019-05-21
Ondřej Surý & Petr ŠpačekPlenaryDNS Flag Days2019-05-21
Arturo ServinConnectBGP Filtering on AS15169 using IRR and Other Data2019-05-21
Will van GulikConnect1. Opening2019-05-21
Amanda GowlandWomen in Tech SessionPanel: Closing the Pay Gap2019-05-21
Sander SteffannOpen SourceOpenSource Router Lab: MANRS2019-05-21
Alexander IsavninPlenaryRussian Internet Regulation Update: Routing Control2019-05-21
Gergana PetrovaRACI SessionRACI: The RIPE Academic Cooperation Initiative2019-05-21
Shane KerrPlenaryThe RIPE NCC Are Not the Routing Police. Yet?2019-05-21
Carsten StrotmannDNSUnwind, a Validating DNS Recursive Nameserver2019-05-21
Niels ten OeverRACI SessionTaking the High Route2019-05-21
Brian NisbetPlenaryDiversity Task Force Update2019-05-21
Florence LavroffConnectConnect Update2019-05-21
Sander SteffannPlenaryIntro: Global NOG Alliance2019-05-21
Emile AbenRACI SessionWhat Research Can You Do With the RIPE NCC?2019-05-21
Nick HilliardConnect3. RPKI at INEX's Route Servers2019-05-21
Mirjam KühneBoFRIPE Chair Selection Process2019-05-21
Marco SchmidtAddress PolicyCurrent Policy Topics2019-05-22
Nikolas PediaditisAddress PolicyHandling IPv4 Runout...while focusing on IPv62019-05-22
Wolfgang TremmelOpen Source01 - Using Docker to create router networks for training2019-05-22
Erik BaisAddress PolicyA. Administrative Matters2019-05-22
Remco van MookAddress PolicyC. Current Policy Topics2019-05-22
Susan ForneyClosing PlenaryPeering Economics 1012019-05-22
Rüdiger VolkAddress PolicyTrouble with NRO data2019-05-22
Samaneh TajalizadehkhoobAnti-AbuseE2. Domain Abuse Activity Reporting2019-05-22
Felipe Victolla SilveiraRIPE NCC ServicesC. Operational Update2019-05-22
Bijal Sanghani and Jesse SowellConnect7. IXPDB and Tools2019-05-22
Maria Jan MatejkaOpen SourceBIRD v2 Update2019-05-22
Bijal SanghaniConnect6. Euro-IX Update2019-05-22
OS WG chairsOpen SourceA. Administrative Matters2019-05-22
Chris AminMAT7. RIPE NCC Tools Update2019-05-22
Chris AminRouting4. RIS Live2019-05-22
Mirjam KühneOpen SourceE. Roundtable Discussion: The role of open source in industry hackathons and how to best serve their communities2019-05-22
Angela Dall'AraAnti-Abuse2017-02 Regular Abuse-c Validation2019-05-22
Ruediger VolkRIPE NCC Servicestrouble with NRO data2019-05-22
Sergey MyasoedovRIPE NCC ServicesF. 10 years of 2007-01 implementation from a member's perspective2019-05-22
Milton MuellerCooperationInfo about Christchurch Call2019-05-22
Fergal CunninghamRIPE NCC ServicesE. RIPE NCC Survey 20192019-05-22
Kurtis LindqvistRIPE NCC ServicesA. Administrative Matters2019-05-22
Brian TrammellMAT1. Introduction2019-05-23
Niels ten OeverRouting5. AS sets for value frameworks2019-05-22
Jan ZorzIoT5. Building a Smart House and You Want to Do It Yourself? [20 min]2019-05-22
Jan ZorzIPv6F. RIPE-690 Follow-up: SLAAC’s Reaction to Renumbering Events - IETF I-F2019-05-22
Axel PawlikRIPE NCC ServicesB. RIPE NCC Update2019-05-22
Athina FragkouliRIPE NCC ServicesD. Due Diligence at the RIPE NCC2019-05-22
Ignas BagdonasRoutingAdministrativia2019-05-23
Job SnijdersRouting2. Current State of Routing Security - May 20192019-05-22
Michael RichardsonIoT7. A Residential IoT Un-Quarantine Playbook [20 min]2019-05-22
Patrik FältströmIoT2. ITU Study Group 20 Update ( SG20 / IoT - Y.4459 (Y.Iot-Interop))2019-05-22
Marco SchmidtAnti-Abuse2019-03 
Preliminary Analysis2019-05-23
Enno ReyIPv6IPv6 in Wi-Fi Hotspots2019-05-23
Ed ShryaneDatabaseD. Cleaning Up Locked Persons2019-05-23
Matthias WählischIoT3. RIOT Summit Report [5 min]2019-05-23
Massimiliano StucchiIPv6E. Mobile IPv6 BCOP Doc2019-05-23
Gaith TahaAnti-AbuseE1. The Curious Case of Fake UK LIRs2019-05-23
Carsten StrotmannDNSOverview of the DNS Privacy Software landscape2019-05-23
Mirjam KühneIoT4. RIPE Atlas: Ethical, Security and Legal Aspects of Running an IoT Network [20 min]2019-05-23
Ed ShryaneDatabaseB. Operational Update RIPE Database2019-05-23
Katarzyna WasielewskaMAT5. Available Bandwidth Estimation Problem - Network Calculus in Practice2019-05-23
Jelte Jansen & Peter SteinhäuserIoT6. Spinning CPEs: Collaborative Work on CPE IoT Protection [20 min]2019-05-23
Shane KerrDNSAdministrivia2019-05-23
Danilo GiordanoMATFive Years at the Edge: Watching Internet from the ISP Network2019-05-23
Nikolas PediaditisDatabaseA Proposal About Country Codes (In Extended Delegated Statistics and the RIPE Database)2019-05-23
Ignas BagdonasRouting / IPv6 TutorialTechnology Deep Dive on Modern Router Architectures2019-05-23
Sandra BrasDatabaseB. Database Learning Questionnaire2019-05-23
Job SnijdersDatabaseG. Proposal 2018-06 - RPKI to clean up IRR2019-05-23
Anand BuddhdevDNSRIPE NCC DNS Update2019-05-23
Joao DamasDNSroot KSK Rollover Wrap-up2019-05-23
Te-Yuan HuangMAT4. Buffer Sizing and AQM Observations at Netflix2019-05-23
Massimo CandelaMAT3. Dissecting the Speed-of-Internet of the Middle East2019-05-23
Jari ArkkoMAT6. Measurements in the Era of Encryption: Case QUIC Spin Bit2019-05-23
Nurani NimpunoPlenaryUpdate from the IANA Review Committee2019-05-24
Filiz YilmazPlenaryUpdate from the ASO Address Council2019-05-24
Roland van Rijswijk-DeijPlenaryThe RPKI Wayback Machine2019-05-23
Taiji KimuraPlenaryLong Chopsticks in Heaven - When Packets Dropped Using ROA2019-05-24
Dave KnightDNSNotes from Bangkok2019-05-23
Richard NelsonClosing PlenaryFaucet - Multi-vendor Openflow SDN Made Easy2019-05-23
Sjoerd OostdijckClosing PlenaryRIPE NCC Technical Report2019-05-24
Hans Petter HolenClosing PlenaryClosing Remarks2019-05-24
Jordi Palet MartinezAnti-AbuseC.2. Policy Proposal 2019-03 - BGP Hijacking is a RIPE Policy Violation2019-06-12
Jordi Palet MartinezAnti-AbuseC.3. Policy Proposal 2019-04 - Validation of "abuse-mailbox"2019-06-12