Thursday, 23 May 2019

Thursday at RIPE 78, another day packed with packed with parallel WG sessions. Here’s an overview of the day.


  • Two helpings of IPv6 today, the first following the usual meeting style with presentations from well known IPv6 enthusiasts such as Jan Zorz and Enno Rey, and the other taking the form of a joint session with the Routing WG after lunch.
  • Jan Zorz presented the latest news about an Internet Draft being discussed at the IETF on the reaction of SLAAC to renumbering events, with a request for feedback from operators.
  • Another point of discussion were the measurements presented by Geoff Huston, showing the breakage in IPv6 implementation across operators all over the World.
  • Taking a deep dive into modern router architectures, we experimented with a longer session dedicated to explaining specific topics for the network operators at the RIPE Meeting. This was meant as a test to ask the audience if any more of such sessions should be held in the future. The reaction from the audience was very positive, with many people stepping up to the microphone and volunteering for future sessions.

Anti Abuse

  • Angela Dall’Ara’s update on Abuse-c policy sparked discussion over whether there’s any need for a change in the current policy.
  • Questions were raised about self-regulation in response to a presentation looking at policy proposal 2019-03.
  • Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob presented on a growing need for proactive detection and mitigation strategies by TLD operators and registrars.


  • Geoff Huston examined how quickly routing space is growing and what his projections for future BGP FIB size are, along with a very interesting historical overview of how routing has developed over the years in his talk Routing and Addressing in 2018.
  • Job Snijders spoke about RPKI and Current State of Routing Security and made creative use of his tie.
  • Andrei Robachevksy called for greater transparency in routing data and invited interested community members to help him develop a prototype.
  • And Chris Amin from RIPE NCC asked the audience to try out and share their feedback about the newest tool in the making – RIS Live.
  • Niels ten Oever brought some offline concerns into the Routing WG with his talk on ethics in routing


  • Jim Reid opened the working group informing attendees that he will be standing down as chair around this time next year.
  • Patrik Fältström (Netnod) presented remotely. Jim Reid thanked Patrik for his contribution, adding that the study group was important. Reid requested the audience to approach their country’s ITU representatives, governments or regulators, and explain to them any problems they are aware of.
  • Mirjam Kühne presented RIPE Atlas in the IoT WG with many audience members confirming they had an Atlas probe. Mirjam invited those who didn’t have a probe to see her colleague Michela.