Monday, 20 May 2019

Velkomin í Reykjavík! RIPE 78 has begun in the land of ice and fire and datacentres. This RIPE Meeting has gotten off to a flying start, with 597 attendees checking in at Iceland from 58 countries, of whom 163 are attending their first RIPE Meeting.

And maybe this will be our biggest meeting ever. (Ok we said that last year in Amsterdam as well…and it was!) How can you find out for sure? Well, you’ll have to keep checking back here!

And of course, this RIPE Meeting celebrates 30 years of the RIPE community, so do share your best memories (we’re using #RIPEturns30).

Highlights from Day 1

    • We got started with three very interesting tutorials
    • Our many newcomers (possibly the most newcomers ever) were welcomed by Hans Petter Holen and Axel Pawlik. If you missed it, you can still check out their RIPE Meeting 101
    • Hans Petter Holen opened the meeting with the threat of a GoT spoiler, but thankfully went on to talk about what’s happening with other initiatives like the new RIPE Meeting Code of Conduct, the RIPE Chair Selection process, the BoFs and much more.
    • In a RIPE Meeting first, Ólafur Guðmundsson addressed the audience in Icelandic in his very talk, which asked the very fundamental question – ‘What Do We Know About an IP Address?’ and also introduced the word ‘Craptimization’.
    • Ali Safari Khatouni shared the results of his research on roaming across Europe
    • The second plenary session saw talks by Mikhail Korshunov, CISCO Systems Inc on streaming telemetry and Kemal Sanjta, Thousand Eyes on network monitoring.
    • Melanie Buck’s lightning talk about how the Women in Tech initiative at GoDaddy also inspires clients did a great job of setting the stage for the Women in Tech session taking place on Wednesday.
    • Chris Amin of the RIPE NCC explained a bit about how to measure DNS without breaking anything, and possibly gave the RIPE NCC a new motto, “We don’t just serve, we also care.”
    • And in the final lightning talk, Enno Ray, ERNW, asked whether 2019 will finally be the year of Linux and IPv6-only in Wi-Fi networks. We don’t have the answers, but Enno might just!
    • It was a packed day as the RIPE Big Picture BoF and BCOP Task Force took place simultaneously, as the Newcomers’ Reception swung into action.


    No Game of Thrones spoilers were revealed in the course of Day One, but we can’t make any promises for tomorrow. What we do promise though, is that we’ll bring you the highlights of what happens every day right here, so make sure to keep reading.


    Our favourite tweets from Day 1