Friday, 24 May 2019

The fifth and final day of RIPE 78 saw 742 attendees checked in, making it the second biggest RIPE Meeting.

Friday Programme Highlights

  • An update on the IANA Review Committee followed by an update from the ASO Address Council where the recommendation arose to open the ASO meetings for public.
  • A presentation on the RPKI Wayback Machine during which the speaker praised the role of RIPE NCC in archiving the RPKI repositories.
  • Between plenary sessions, an announcement of the RIPE NCC General Meeting voting results for the May GM, with Remco van Mook re-elected as member of the Executive Board and Ondřej Filip newly elected.
  • A talk on best strategies and conduct for good peering.
  • The closing remarks from the RIPE Chair thanking attendees for making their way to RIPE 76, and a special thank you to the WG co-Chairs, the PC, and of course, the stenographers.

Meeting Statistics

  • 742 attendees checked in
  • 199 newcomers (27%)
  • RIPE Networking App (totals for the week): 384 participants; 966 messages; 1298 meetings!
  • Attendees from 60 countries

RIPE Working Group Co-Chair Changes

  • Routing WG: Paolo Moroni stepped down as WG co-Chair.
  • IoT WG: Sandoche Balakrichenan joins Jim Reid.
  • RIPE NCC Services WG: Rob Evans joins Kurt and Bijal.

RIPE Programme Committee changes

  • Benno Overeinder stepped down having reached the end of his term.
  • Franziska Lichtblau was re-elected and Jelte Jansen joins the RIPE PC.

Thanks for making this such a great meeting – see you all at RIPE 79 in Rotterdam!