Tuesday, 21 May 2019

A bit of rain, a lot of clouds and brief moments of sunshine in Reykjavík today but no matter, RIPE 78 was up and running with a full day of plenary presentations. We welcomed 664 attendees by the end of the day, including 177 newcomers.

Highlights from Day 2

  • All things DDoS and BGP in the 9:00 session and a pilot using an online Q&A tool – it seemed to work really well!
  • David Huberman drives the point home that currently there’s no financial support for a DNS root server operator and ICANN has a new proposal to look at the financial systems underpinning root server operations
  • Roland van Rijswijk delved into OpenIntel’s active measurement of DNS and how it can help improve DNS resilience and security.
  • All presentations received a lot of interest and triggered several follow-up questions.
  • Geoff Huston reminded the audience of how little we know about DNS, and even how the KSK roll was for the large part unpredictable, hard to measure and incredibly lucky. And he shared what he thinks we can all learn from this
  • Will economic factors affect IPv6 deployment? Brenden Kuerbis and Milton Mueller dive deep into IPv6 modelling
  • Alex Band thinks you should run your own RPKI Certificate Authority and puts a pretty strong case forward
  • The day ended with the RIPE Chair Selection Process BoF; it was agreed to move forward by sharing the documents on the Address Policy WG and RIPE NCC Services WG mailing lists and kick off the call for consensus in the closing plenary on Friday

And then, of course, the social: a networking event at Whales of Iceland!

See you tomorrow for the first day of RIPE Working Group sessions