14:00 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Marco Schmidt from the RIPE NCC.
14:00 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> The session is about to start
14:01 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
14:02 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
14:02 < MarcoS_RIPENCC> Brenden Kürbis & Milton Mueller have begun the presentation "Get Ready for Mixed World: Economic Factors Affecting IPv6 Deployment".
14:09 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Hi there, I had a short connection issue...just in case somebody posted a question in the last 3 min - can you please re-state your question?
14:10 < rsc> MarcoS_RIPENCC_: there was no message in this channel since your last message.
14:11 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> thanks :)
14:20 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> If you have already a question, don't hesitate to send them now. The presentation will end soon and there is some delay for remote participants
14:26 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Brenden Kürbis & Milton Mueller have asked for questions. Please remember to state your name/affiliation.
14:30 < asbjorn> At some point we will properly see a coordinated IPv4 flag day, like IPv6 World Day
14:32 < Habbie> asbjorn, to turn off ipv4?
14:33 < asbjorn> Habbie: When Google/Microsoft/Amazon/... sees mostly IPv6 they might give enterprise a 2 year warning to get IPv6 or loose access
14:33 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> <asbjorn> the mic just got closed, but I assume your comment was only for this channel anyhow
14:34 < asbjorn> MarcoS_RIPENCC_: was too far away from it :) / lazy
14:35 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> I see :)
14:35 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> The presentation has ended.
14:35 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Petr Špaček & Ondřej Surý have begun the presentation " DNS Flag Days ".
14:37 * Robbie_NBU slaps Rufus_NBU around a bit with a large fishbot
14:56 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Petr Špaček & Ondřej Surý have asked for questions. Please remember to state your name/affiliation.
14:56 < ximaera> Töma Gavrichenkov, Qrator Labs. Would the tool on the dnsflagday dot net Web site be updated so that everyone could check their domains for the TCP support?
14:56 < Habbie> ximaera, absolutely
14:56 < Habbie> (Peter van Dijk, PowerDNS)
14:57 < ximaera> I sort of know that myself, but I would prefer that to be said out loud :-)
14:57 < Habbie> :)
14:57 < ximaera> It wasn't in the slides, and people would be asking
14:57 < Habbie> it is on slide 24
14:57 < Habbie> ondrej also mentioned it
14:57 < Habbie> but maybe it was not explicit enough
14:57 < ximaera> Ah, sorry, went too quickly
15:00 < willem> Unbound does that too (trying multiple edns0 sizes)
15:01 < Habbie> we don't
15:01 * willem knows :)
15:01 < Habbie> and we're releasing 1232 as default in a few weeks already
15:01 < ximaera> Thanks!
15:01 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> <ximaera> I still have read out your question :)
15:01 < Habbie> MarcoS_RIPENCC_, thanks :)
15:02 < ripe_526> Speaker says "we". Who is "we"? Like Peter said - what is governance? who is making the decision?
15:02 < ripe_526> (Don't know if you need it - but - "Sandy Murphy, Parsons"
15:03 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> <ripe_526> Do you want me to read out this question? Then please let me know your name
15:04 < ripe_526> no answer in chat room, so please do ask the room. And I gave name/associattion already
15:06 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> sorry, the presentation has ended before I could go to the mic
15:06 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Alex Band has begun the presentation "Should I Run my Own RPKI Certificate Authority?".
15:06 < ripe_526> ok, so looks like opportunity missed for questions. Ah, the problems of remote participation
15:07 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> <ripe_526> maybe somebody else in this chat room can answer your question?
15:07 < Habbie> slide 7 plus OARC
15:08 < Habbie> is the answer
15:08 < ripe_526> thanks.
15:10 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> <ripe_526> yes, there is some delay in the webstream - also I was still looking for your previously stated name - still I couldn't find it (you probably wrote it while I wasn't in this room)
15:10 < ripe_526> that presentation even had a nice long question time, which was nice.
15:11 < ripe_526> and my typing and retyping takes, unfortunately, a long time
15:13 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Don't hesitate to state your question while the presentation is still ongoing. If later the question gets answered, you just let me know to don't read out the question.
15:13 < ripe_526> thanks. I'll try not to abuse the generosity. :-)
15:14 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> ;)
15:21 < ripe_630> hi
15:21 < ripe_630> is there anyone to guide about voting procedure ?
15:24 < japi> for the programm committee or for the AGM?
15:24 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Hello <ripe_630> are your referring to voting at the General Meeting, or to rate the talks in this Plenary?
15:24 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> About the AGM, this link might help:
15:25 < ripe_453> Q: Can you run your own CA but let RIPE NCC publish the output? (Martin, individual)
15:25 < ripe_526> Sandy Murphy, Parsons. Ask speaker about trust anchors
15:26 < ripe_526> that is more a relying party problem, but I'd be interested to hear if their CA is involve
15:26 < ripe_526> involved
15:26 < cynthia> I have a question relating to this to the NCC, can I get a contact to setup Delegated RPKI?
15:26 < cynthia> (Cynthia Maja Revström, Individual)
15:27 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Hello Sandy and Cynthia, I will read out your questions
15:27 < cynthia> thank you
15:27 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Sandy - what CA stands for?
15:27 < cynthia> Certificate Authority
15:27 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Okay
15:28 < ripe_526> thanks, cynthia
15:28 < cynthia> :)
15:28 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Martin, I will read your question too
15:29 < ripe_526> to Marcos: if you see this, I might be best introduced as Sandy Murphy, individual. sorry
15:30 < ripe_526> ah, me. "be quick with questions".
15:32 < ripe_526> thanks for reading my question, worked for me.
15:33 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Martin, you're welcome
15:33 < cynthia> MarcoS_RIPENCC_: just making sure you didn't forget my question
15:34 < ripe_453> How does the process (APIs) look like to get the interm. certificate from the RIR and what are the expected expiry dates?
15:34 < ripe_453> (Martin, individual)
15:34 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Cynthia, as your question was for the RIPE NCC, I can get you in contact with Nathalie - she is definitely the right person to setup Delegated RPKI
15:34 < cynthia> MarcoS_RIPENCC_: thank you
15:34 < cynthia> I heard from Alex that she was too
15:34 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> That's probably what Alex would say anyhow ;)
15:34 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> You see ;)
15:35 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Yes, she is here - are you using the RIPE Network App? Then you can contact her this way
15:35 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Else I can give you her email
15:35 < cynthia> MarcoS_RIPENCC_: I am sadly not at the meeting
15:36 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> The session has ended btw :)
15:36 < ripe_526> to Martin: not sure I understand your question. RIR signs the delegated CA's certificate, the delegated CA certificate is in the RIR repository, the relying party starts at the RIR trust anchor and retrieves the global RPKI database
15:36 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Cynithia: It's Nathalie Trenaman <ntrenaman [at] ripe [dot] net>
15:36 < ripe_526> I hope that helps?
15:36 < cynthia> thank you
15:37 < ripe_526> (I hope that helps == I hope my answer helps Martin)
15:37 < MarcoS_RIPENCC_> Thank you all for the active participation!