11:00 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Gergana from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
11:01 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
11:03 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Geoff Huston has begun the presentation "Routing and Addressing in 2018"
11:09 < aaronw-174> Is that previous side generally more specifics or more specifics with the same origination ASN?
11:09 < aaronw-174> slide 7 I think
11:16 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi Aaron, thanks for the question. I will read it out once the time for Q&A comes.
11:18 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Aaron, could you please confirm your organisation? Cogent Communications?
11:26 < ripe_422> Q: You suggest using default routes. Aren't default routes bad for routing security (RPKI based filtering)? (Nick, independent)
11:28 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Thanks for the question.
11:30 < aaronw-174> Is there a way to pause the transcript updating so that the transcript from the previous speaker can be read? with the live updating I can't scroll it back and have it stay there
11:32 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Job Snijders has started the presentation "Current State of Routing Security - May 2019"
11:33 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Aaron, I've checked with our technical team - unfortunately there is no way to do this.
11:35 < aaronw-174> Gergana thanks
11:36 < aaronw-174> Looks like I can copy/paste out of the scrollbox into a notepad and read at my leisure
11:39 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Aaron, haha, yes, that's a nice hack. I've passed your request to the feedback team. I am also told that the archive of the transcript will be available shortly after the session (although I realise it doesn't help you now)
11:44 < ripe_422> Q: The previous speaker (Geoff) sees no issue with default routes and RPKI-based route origin validation. Do you agree with Geoff or with Ben Cox analysis on this? (Nick, independent)
11:47 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi Nick, thanks for the question. I will ask it when Q&A time comes.
11:49 < cynthia> Gergana_RIPENCC: Q: What is your opinion on alternative databases such as AltDB, RADB, etc since AltDB has no validation. and RADB only has payment as "validation". Also great presentation and you along with Sasha have done good work with IRRd4.
11:49 < cynthia> (Cynthia Maja Revström, Independent)
11:50 < rsc> Gergana_RIPENCC: Q: You mentioned OpenBSD rpki-client(1) being in private beta currently. Could you estimate when it will be publicily available (even it's still beta then maybe), thus a rough time roadmap for rpki-client? (Robert Scheck, ETES)
11:50 < ripe_422> And to explain where I see the problem with default routes: If you use default routes packets will always leave your network even if RPKI-based origin validation would filter the prefix announcement and result in no packet towards the destination (Nick, independent)
11:52 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi Cynthia and Robert, thanks for your questions.
11:53 < rsc> Gergana_RIPENCC: thank you for going to the mic :)
11:55 < Mike_15533> Do ROAs now have the facility to specify AS Paths now. So a /18 for example is valid from AS 1, but a /24 from that /18 is only valid from AS1 via AS2 ??
11:56 < aaronw-174> a ROA has 2.5 elements
11:57 < aaronw-174> the 1.5 element is the route and the range of lengths are allowed - either /22 -> /24 or /24 -> /24 for example
11:57 < aaronw-174> the last element is the origian ASN
11:58 < aaronw-174> So in your situation you'd make from AS 1 and then another one for from AS2
11:58 < aaronw-174> This would allow mark as invalid any other announcements from within that /18
12:02 < ripe_513> (sandy murphy, individutal): You mentioned BBN's RPSTIR. BBN did start that project. Since 2017, ZDNS took over support. That's a great thing, they should get mentioned.
12:05 < ripe_513> (Sandy murphy, individual). you mentioned proxy registrations. a rough count of proxy registrations in some popular IRR databases finds 30% of route objects are proxy registrations. That's a lot of cleanup. Do you think there's a chance for IRRs quality?
12:05 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Thanks Sandy!
12:09 < ripe_513> this is not for the mic. sorry for late question. I had been watching same feed since anti-abuse, so my question first went to anti-abuse chat room. ooops. will know to take better care next time. thanks to person who noted my error and infomed me.
12:09 < Gergana_RIPENCC> ah, ok
12:10 < ripe_513> infomed -> informed
12:10 < Gergana_RIPENCC> you want me to mention ZDNS?
12:10 < ripe_513> i think it would be good.
12:10 < ripe_513> minor point, but attribution is a good thing.
12:11 < ripe_513> the part about proxy registration is for the mic as well.
12:14 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Sorry Sandy, I got confused by your message because you mentioned "this is not for the mic", which I assumed is the last thing you wrote
12:16 < Gergana_RIPENCC> If you have a question for Job, email him at: job [at] ntt [dot] net
12:17 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Andrei Robachevsky has begun the presentation "Routing Transparency"
12:19 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The WG chair just informed me that we are running short of time, so they will allow only two questions after each presentation.
12:19 < Gergana_RIPENCC> If you have a questions, get it in quick.
12:23 < ripe_513> "this is not for the mic" was the start of the thing I was writing, which was about my failure to use right chat room. boy this remote participation stuff is not easy. "
12:23 < jared> +1 randy.. we also lack views into the various cloud providers and other backbones that have these invisible events that do impact gloal networks
12:24 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Chris Amin started the presentation "RIS Live"
12:25 < ripe_513> and I just had to abandon a query I was typing because the transcript went to next presentation.
12:26 < ripe_513> I compose and type too slowly.
12:28 < jared> (please show support for ris live.. the service is great)
12:28 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Hi Jared, I will read your comments to the mic.
12:29 < jared> :-)
12:32 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Niels ten Oever started his presentation "AS sets for value frameworks"
12:35 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Niels is now taking questions
12:36 < Aziraphale> This is not an approriate use of the ripedb
12:36 < Aziraphale> Sascha Luck for myself
12:37 < Aziraphale> he is of course free to set up his own dbserver and serve whatever as-sets he desires
12:37 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Thanks Sascha, I will read this at the mic.
12:37 < Aziraphale> NCC should not be seen to make judgments on human rights or anything else not related to resources/routing
12:39 < Aziraphale> sounds like Rüdiger is saying the same thing in somewhat more verbose terms ;p
12:40 < Gergana_RIPENCC> do you still want me to read it out
12:40 < Aziraphale> yes please
12:41 < Gergana_RIPENCC> Done :)
12:42 < Aziraphale> ty :)
12:42 < Gergana_RIPENCC> The session has now ended.