14:01 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I’m Rumy from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 45 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
14:01 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
14:02 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Patrick Penninckx of the Council of Europe has begun the presentation "Council of Europe Framework of Cooperation with Business Partners”.
14:03 < prt-8676> Is it just me or is the stream volume very low?
14:04 < Rumy_RIPENCC> how is the sound now?
14:05 < ripe_249> still very low
14:05 < prt-8676> Still seems very quiet. I've just checked, it isn't my laptop.
14:05 < Rumy_RIPENCC> ok, we're working on it, please let me know if it improves
14:06 < prt-8676> Thanks.
14:06 < Rumy_RIPENCC> great!
14:07 < prt-8676> Ah, just improved. Could go up a little bit more.
14:17 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Any questions for Patrick?
14:28 < Rumy_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:28 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Collin Kurre from Article 19 and Michele Neylon from Blacknight Solutions have begun the presentation "A Human Rights Assessment for Registrar and Hosting Services"
14:30 < Rumy_RIPENCC> how is the sound now? all good?
14:45 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Are there any questions or comments for Collin and Michele?
14:46 < Rumy_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:46 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Chris Buckridge from the RIPE NCC has begun the presentation "An Update on Continuing Work in the ITU”
15:01 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Are there any questions or comments for Chris?
15:11 < Rumy_RIPENCC> the presentation has ended
15:12 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Carolina Are from the City University of London has begun the presentation “Indicators on Flaming”
15:27 < Carsten_Schiefn> Hi Rumy - questions, comments etc. go here?
15:27 < Rumy_RIPENCC> yes please
15:28 < Carsten_Schiefn> check!
15:28 < Rumy_RIPENCC> do you have a question/comment for Carolina?
15:28 < Carsten_Schiefn> not yet... :-)
15:28 < Rumy_RIPENCC> there is a short line at the mic so you have some time :)
15:29 < Carsten_Schiefn> Here is my first question:
15:30 < Carsten_Schiefn> any first experience if banning (or any other repercussions) actually help? Or would these persons just turn up again with another pseudonym or such?
15:31 < Carsten_Schiefn> Or short(er): does banning help?
15:31 < Rumy_RIPENCC> I will relay!
15:31 < Carsten_Schiefn> thanks.
15:32 < Carsten_Schiefn> 2nd: any other proposals how to deal with this? as it appears to be increasingly pressing, getting more out of hand by the day...
15:33 < Rumy_RIPENCC> if you're ok I'll merge your questions, as we're out of time soon
15:34 < Carsten_Schiefn> tippitoppi! :-)
15:37 < Rumy_RIPENCC> did that answer your questions Carsten? Interesting topic!
15:37 < Rumy_RIPENCC> the presentation has ended
15:37 < Rumy_RIPENCC> Milton Mueller has started his presentation "Information about the Christchurch Call/Pledge"
15:39 < Carsten_Schiefn> Yes - thansk, Rumy!
15:39 < Carsten_Schiefn> apologies for the delay - my irc webclient was broken, had to reload the webpage.the
15:42 < Rumy_RIPENCC> no worries Carsten!
15:44 < Rumy_RIPENCC> any questions for Milton?
15:45 < secastro> Hand up!
15:45 < secastro> I'm from InternetNZ
15:45 < secastro> Thanks for the report
15:45 < Rumy_RIPENCC> the presentation has ended
15:47 < Carsten_Schiefn> enjoy coffee break! I'll start dinner preps sometime soon... :-)
15:48 < Rumy_RIPENCC> enjoy dinner Carsten!
15:48 < secastro> I guess I missed the opportunity to ask something to Milton
15:48 < secastro> or make a clarification
15:49 < Rumy_RIPENCC> the session has now ended