11:00 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> it's the IoT Working Group! I'm your friendly neighbourhood chat monitor, here to facilitate your question-asking, comment-making needs!
11:01 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> ok, now I'm in the right room... Chris from the RIPE NCC here, i'll be your chat monitor - let me know if you have any questions, and I can ask them over the microphone
11:10 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> any questions for Patrick>
11:10 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> ?
11:12 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> Matthias Wählisch is next up tot talk about the riot Summit
11:18 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> any questions for Matthias?
11:18 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> or comments? comments too.
11:19 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> Next up - Mirjam Kühne from the RIPE NCC talking about RIPE Atlas (as an IoT network)
11:31 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> any questions for Mir?
11:36 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> Next up: Jan Žorž with a talk on Building a Smart House and You Want to Do It Yourself?
11:57 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> Questions for Jan? C'mon folks, give me something to do here!
12:05 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> Jelte Jansen and Peter Steinhaüser are next with "Spinning CPEs: Collaborative Work on CPE IoT Protection"
12:05 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> (complete with live demo!)
12:10 < mcr> haha. SPIN-off tools.
12:21 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> any questions?
12:24 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> OK, folks, that's it - we've run out of time, so Michael Richards' presentation will have to wait until the next meeting
12:24 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> thanks all!
12:24 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> this was a scintillating IRC chat!
12:24 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> thanks Chris
12:25 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> no worries, Chris
12:25 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> seeya next time?
12:25 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> you know it!
12:25 < ChrisB_RIPENCC> :)