Minutes of the RIPE Chair Selection Process BoF

Tuesday, 21 May 18:00 – 19:00

Mirjam Kühne, one of the authors, presented the two documents under discussion:

There was general agreement about the two documents and the audience thanked the authors for putting them together. The audience agreed that it is good to base the procedure on a proven concept, namely the IETF’s BCP 10, although it is much more detailed than what is currently required by the RIPE community. However the group felt there was no need to reinvent the process, and the IETF has had good deliberations and covered many eventualities.

There was a question about the timeline: Why does the timeline start in May? Given that the RIPE NCC Executive Board elections are in May, wouldn’t it be better to start in October? The authors clarified that main point of showing the timeline was to make people aware that the complete selection process will take at least one year, and that it spans at least three RIPE Meetings: the Nominations Meeting, the Selection Meeting and the Transition Meeting. They acknowledged that the process could also start at a RIPE Meeting in October (refer to the more detailed timeline in the document). The authors will clarify this in the document.

The IETF leaves a lot of breathing room between each step. Anna Wilson confirmed that this was a good idea based on her experience on the address council of the ASO.

Christian Kaufmann congratulated the authors for the good work and said he would be happy to bring this up with the RIPE NCC Executive Board, especially the role the RIPE NCC Executive Board would play in this process as suggested in the documents. He added that he could personally see a clear role that they could play in this process.

The following steps were agreed upon:

  • Hans Petter Holen will mention the two documents throughout the rest of the week
  • Hans Petter will send a mail to the ripe-list and will point people tothe discussion on the ripe-chair-discuss mailing list. When the discussion phase is completed Hans Petter will initiate a last call on the ripe-list, before declaring consensus.
    See his mail here: https://www.ripe.net/ripe/mail/archives/ripe-list/2019-May/001583.html