Ólafur Guðmundsson

Ólafur grew up in Reykjavik, just around the corner from the hotel that RIPE 78 is being held at. He is an Engineering Director at Cloudflare, managing a number of teams that maintain the critical services that Cloudflare provides. He has been on the Internet since the beginning of the Internet. He’s a leading expert on DNS, and an active participant in the IETF. He worked to build one of the first DDoS mitigation tools with Network Associates in the early 2000’s, and he’s one of the 14 ICANN Trusted Community Representatives. Ólafur has also been an academic, technical liaison, CTO, and network scientist for companies like TIS, Network Associates, NeuStar, Binnacle Systems, and Shinkuro. And before joining Cloudflare, Ólafur operated his own consulting company for many years.