Taiji Kimura

Taiji Kimura is a researcher in Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC). Taiji has been involved with building/operating PKI and researching on information security in JPNIC since 2002. He enjoys everything from system design to customer support. His current focus is "trust" on Internet.

Recent activities:
Researcher, Graduate School of Media Design (KMD) Laboratory, Keio University, 2018-present
Member, Internet Standardization Promotion Committee, ISOC-JP, 2017-present
Member, Guideline WG, Council of Anti-Phishing Japan, 2016-present
Member, Administration committee, SecurityDay, 2012-present
Member, PKI Interoperability and technology WG, JNSA, 2004-present
Co-chair, Member's oriented CA (moCA) WG, WIDE Project, 1998-present